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Every curtain wall erector that has spent day after day drilling anchor holes through aluminum mullions with steel reinforcing will appreciate the quick easy set up of the RyLee jig. The drilling jig is designed to fit multiple electric and air drills. Using the adjustable clamp on the main shaft, the jig can fit up to 5” wide mullions. The slide adjustment and rotating mounting head will allow the jig to fit mullion depths up to 10 ½” deep. The main body of the jig is locked into place with a steel sleeve that has (2) wrench bolts. The sleeve and body can rotate a full 360 degrees making it possible to clamp on to the mullion from the interior or exterior above or below the steel anchors. Using a 4” long ½” drill bit, the RyLee jig has enough travel to pass through the mullion and both anchor plates.
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Mullions with steel reinforcing now can be drilled with one pass. The jig gives the user a controlled way to drill through steel and reduce the kick back of the drill. When the drill binds going through the steel bars they have a tendency to grab the bit causing the drill to jerk in the user’s hands which can lead to wrist and hand injuries. By using the RyLee jig, your hand is on the handle bar and not on the drill itself giving you more control over the drilling process. The intent of the RyLee jig is to reduce fatigue while increasing performance.

The RyLee jig was originally designed to be used in the erection of curtain wall mullions but it can be used in any application that needs a mobile multi adjustable drill jig. 

The video here will demonstrate different curtain wall applications using the drill jig. You will see how easy it is to set up the drill jig and how smooth the drill operates. For further information about the RyLee or our glazing products and portable drilling press, please go to the contact sheet and call our office.
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Click here to view the first Prototype drill jig being shop tested on a steel bar.
Click here to view the first Prototype drill jig being tested on a trailer