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0 RyLee DrillJig

The RyLee drill jig is a portable drill press that is designed for the commercial window business. It is designed to attach to mullions at the intermediate anchors using an adjustable bar clamp. The drill jig is fully adjustable to accommodate virtually every mullion width and depth. The drill jig handle can be reversed to allow pulling or pushing the drill into the mullion while working from a lift or from the floor slabs. The Jig is designed to use either a .375 or .5 in. electric drill or various air drills that attaches with a collar behind the drill chuck. By changing out the collar, the jig can accommodate any brand drill. (You will need to provide information on what drill you intend on using and what diameter and length the drill neck is to insure that the proper collar clamp is provided). The jig has a 4 in. travel which will allow a user to drill through a typical 2.5 mullion and both clips with one setup. This will insure a straight hole through the mullion and each clip.


1/2" Drill Clamp

Aluminum drill clamp designed for drills with a 1 3/4' x 3/4" neck.


1/4" Bent Locking Bolt

!/4" custom formed locking bolt with E-clips. the bolt has two grooves cut into it for E-clip placement. the groove closets to the treads is for the non handle side and the groove furthest from the threads is for the handle side.


3/4" Pony Pipe clamp

Pony 50 3/4" single pipe clamp


5/16" x 1/4" Stripper Bolt

Stainless Steel 5/16' x 1/2" Socket Head shoulder screw


Aluminum Housing

CNC Billet Aluminum Replacement Housing only. Machined from 6063 extruded aluminum bar.


Aluminum Pivot Head

Aluminum Pivot head for slide bar and rotation attachment bolt.


Bent Bolt Plastic Bushing

1/2" x 5/16' x 1/16" thick collar plastic bushing. (4 per package)


E clip

E clip for the bent bolt bushing retainer


International Shipping Charge

International Shipping Charge


Plastic T handle with stud bolt

Plastic T handle with 5/16" stud bolt. the T handle is used to secure the slide bar in the pivot head.


Rotating Locking T Handle

This T handle with a 5/16" threaded lock nut is for the 5/16" X 6" cariage bolt lock at the top of the main housing. made from high impact plastic.


Stipper Bolt Flat Plastic Washer

3/4" x 1/16" thick plastic washer. (4) per package.


T Handle

Plastic T Handle with through hole and 1/4-20 threaded insert.


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